Bill Haymond and Myles Sidorak with a big halibut

In addition to more than forty years of personal fishing, since the summer of 2008 I've worked as a relief fishing guide at several lodges on the BC coast. It began as a few trips, but this quickly grew to fifty to sixty days of guiding each summer. The days are long and one day blurs into the next. However it is a great way to gain experience, as I have had the opportunity to chat with and learn from some very experienced fishermen and fellow guides. To assist my memory I make journal entries at the end of each fishing day, then during the winter months I read my notes carefully and reflect on what I learned that summer. This is encapsulated in the "fishing summary" pdf files below (and a lot of this information is included in the book).

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2016 fishing summary
2015 fishing summary
2014 fishing summary
2013 fishing summary
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2011 fishing summary

Daniel Nomura Master's Thesis 1979

The photo at right shows Bill Haymond and Myles Sidorak with a big halibut.